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Regional Engagement Channel. Investor Relations. Business debit order switching. Terms of use. Banking regulations. Privacy policy. Please take note You are about to leave the Absa website. Accept Cancel. You are browsing banking for:. What do you want to do:. Personal Private Business Corporate. For example, at the time of writing, TravelEx is offering a four-hour pick-up service.

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Simply order online and specify which airport you would like to collect from. Exchange rates change second by second and can be affected by many different factors. Natural disasters, presidential elections and declarations of war can all have a big impact on rates going up or down. Best Euro Exchange Rate brings you the latest exchange rates on euros and gives you a simple, convenient and accurate way to track down the best deals. We check the latest rates with many different currency exchange bureaus, including dedicated travel money bureaus, banks and high street stores.

Whether you are taking a short trip or an around-the-world voyage, we make it easier than ever to get the best deal on your travel money. Most currency exchange companies offer a range of ways to exchange your euros. Prepaid cards are loaded with the currency of your choosing and can be used wherever ATM or debit cards can be used. Simply load up the card before you travel and you are good to go. Prepaid cards are also great for budgeting as you cannot spend more than what has been loaded on to the card. If you are going abroad, here are some ways you can make your money go a little further:.

Make sure you bookmark Best Euro Exchange Rate so that you can return to us whenever you need travel money. We bring you the best and latest deals on euros from a wealth of different currency exchange providers.

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The result is a great exchange rate, the convenience of free delivery or store pickup and the peace of mind of knowing that you avoided unnecessary fees and got the absolute best deal. Remember, we could help you to make big savings compared to buying your money at the airport and we bring you the latest deals from some of the best known and trusted foreign currency exchange companies. Skip to content.

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Read More. Why compare exchange rates? A small improvement in a rate of exchange can make a huge difference. So for the sake of taking two minutes to email me, you may find you save yourself hundreds if not thousands of Pounds. You can email me, Joseph Wright, on jxw currencies. Germany is the engine room of the Eurozone, and we are due to see their latest export data as well as trade balance figures for August.

At the end of this week, we will see German inflation data due for September. In order for Mr.

Johnson to abide by the law, he will be forced to ask for a Brexit extension, unless a deal has been agreed by 19th October. It seems that an extension is now the likely outcome. The extension may lead to a slight strengthening of the Pound, but Sterling could well remain fragile until we have clarity on Brexit. During unpredictable times, you may wish to be in contact with a currency specialist who can provide the latest currency updates. If you already use a provider, I can perform a comparison within minutes. This will give you an indication of the potential saving you could make by using Foreign Currency Direct for your international currency transfers.

I can be contacted at dcj currencies. Considering the lows of 1. Pound to Euro exchange rates have been very volatile in , ranging from the highs of 1. Much of the uncertainty for the Pound stems from Brexit. For the Euro, there have been increased concerns regarding the outlook on the Eurozone economy, and also whether the ECB European Central Bank will need to alter their monetary policy.

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Recently, the ECB cut interest rates and restarted their QE Quantitative Easing policy, to stimulate growth in the face of a slowing global economy. For the Eurozone ahead, we also have the Spanish general election in November, plus the conclusion of the Italian political situation. There are no guarantees ahead, but the Euro has some challenges ahead on the economic calendar, as political uncertainty is not a concept linked just to the UK and the British Pound. Euro rates will face some added challenges in October, with the EU Summit on the 17th and 18th likely to attract attention by markets.

The UK is a key part of the European Union, and its potential detachment will raise lots of questions, which the currency market will have to anticipate and reflect, that being what exchange rates are i.

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Thank you for reading and I would greatly welcome further discussion on the finer points of these unfolding events, and how it may influence your currency transactions. You can contact me, Jonathan Watson, directly at jmw currencies. There are growing concerns as well that the UK is not prepared for a no-deal Brexit. On the back of this news, we have seen the Euro to Pound interbank exchange rate range between a low of 0.

Michael Saunders, one of the Bank of England policymakers, today indicated that interest rates in the UK may need to be cut in the coming months, even if a no-deal Brexit is averted. With a slowdown in the UK economy, a cut in interest rates would stimulate the UK economy by encouraging companies and households to borrow and spend more, as debt is made cheaper.

However, a cut in interest rates would typically weaken the value of the Pound. Please contact me directly by email here. If you do not have the funds available now, we can always secure your currency on a forward contract, allowing you to secure an exchange rate today for a future payment. Sterling is now trading more than Despite this setback, the probability of leaving the EU without a deal is still deemed relatively low. This is particularly following the passing of anti-deal legislation in the House of Commons earlier this month, which was supported by a group of cross-party MPs.

The legislation forces the Prime Minister to request a three-month extension to Article 50, should the UK not have a deal in place with the EU by 19 October. IHS Markit reported a figure of This significantly increases the already high probability that the German economy is about to enter recession.