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The Pi itself is only 10,, and it is delivered to my doorstep COD by the seller's delivery guy. No payments to banks or couriers involved. I read the Ilonggo Tech Blog specs fight blogs and other reviews and information around the net and gathered as much information as I could.

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Just like a laptop, choosing a smartphone in a mid-range budget is difficult. One of my candidates was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.

It has a phone and SMS function too but in the end, I figured it was too big too put next to my ear and an earphone does not necessarily make it convenient and difficult to carry around. I do travel for business but not in so many days in a month.

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A tablet phone phablet would not be a great fit for me. After closely scrutinizing the specs fight and all the information available about MyPhone and Cherry Mobile phones rebranded Micromax from India, Konka from China and a Thai-made phone , I have come to the conclusion that Lenovo Pi is the best choice.

MP and CM phones are behind the Lenovo in battery life. After all, what use is a smartphone if you run out of juice before the end of the business day? The screen or display is another issue. Lenovo has a pixel density of ppi higher number is better but the MP and CM phones are only ppi and ppi respectively. Because of lower pixel density, screen resolution takes a hit for the MP and CM, meaning lower quality photo and video viewing. My E6 has ppi. The Lenovo Pi feels solidly built and no creaking experienced. Rubbery material is on the external side of the plastic battery cover as an anti-slip grip of the phone.

The plastic used is high quality that does not creak. I'll attest to that. I have set up the company email address and, as long as you know the ports and server info of your company's email, it is quite easy to set up.

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E-mail came in quite quickly too. Lenovo, however, has to improve on a couple of things. I am the type who actually reads user manuals.

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While many people don't read them, I do. The information in the user manual is sorely lacking. It just tells you of precautions and what buttons are where. There is no information on how to open the battery cover and I had to figure that one out for myself. The illustration printed in the battery compartment can be confusing. Removing the SIM from either slot is impossible with fingers and even fingernails.

You need an adhesive tape to stick on the SIM and pull them out, sometimes successful only after two attempts. I read that somewhere and followed the advice. At any rate, I got them right afterward, so I won't have to worry about them anymore. The memory card is not hot-swappable. Online Shopping Community Scrapehere redefines an online shopping community. At Scrapehere, 1. You can make collections of any products you like from any online shopping website 2. You can edit, modify or share those products with any of your friends aka Shopmates 3. Engage and discuss The biggest furniture marketplace of India Mebelkart.

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